DIY Demos

by Space Rabbit

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These songs are brought to you 100% DIY from three dudes who don't own the best equipment available, don't know much about recording/mixing, but love what they do and hope that maybe you'll hear something you like.


released September 28, 2014

We want to thank every artist that has inspired us in some way or another and every artist that has made music that they themselves enjoy.



all rights reserved


Space Rabbit Cary, North Carolina

Three guys with various musical influences that have come together to make music.

We grew tired of having creative boundaries limited by previous bands and so this is an outlet for everything we never had a chance to play before. And then some... ... more

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Track Name: Timeline
It’s the middle of the night and I don’t want to fall asleep
It’s there in my dreams that you’re waiting for me
And I can still see your smiling face when I close my eyes
It feels so real but my heart knows it’s not
So please don’t wake me up from this dream
I open my eyes and you’re no longer there next to me
And please don’t tell me that there’s no turning back
When life doesn’t compare to this sleep-induced reality
I know it’s not for me
Time is slipping away
As seconds turn to minutes, turn to hours, turn to days
The grains of sand have escaped the hourglass
And they threaten to suffocate
And I’m lost in slow motion
As the world passes by, when will these memories fade?
I just want to sleep
Please let me dream
And forget this is real
God damn all these fucking memories
Track Name: 210
Bombs and bullets, there’s nothing to it
They give the orders and they take life away
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
How many lives must be lost til we start giving a fuck?
Where is your god now? Where is your savior?
How do you call yourselves men of faith?
You fucking hypocrites, you fucking greedy devils
Where did we go wrong? What have we become?
I can’t believe that we’re involved in this
We’ve got a sickness that will never be cured
We’d rather forget about the rest of the world
We’re too fat and fucking lazy to care
A disappointment that this world has to bear
Track Name: 86 Whale Harpoons
We've reached the end
Gave it our all, gave it our best
But giving up was easier
I guess I'll settle for what's left

I used to write your name in my heart
But time has long since erased every trace
I know I'll learn my lesson one of these days
Until then I'll keep enjoying this bitter taste
I'll never learn my lesson, no not this time
This ship is sinking and I cannot swim
Track Name: Norman
Your hair smells like sunshine and your eyes they glitter like gold
You speak and it’s the softest voice that I think I’ve ever heard
Though I can’t quite make out what you’re saying with your lips being taped shut
But I’m pretty sure you’re having a great time all tied up
I can hear you screaming all the way upstairs
It’s starting to get on my nerves
Mother’s asked for you to keep quiet and I kind of agree
You know you’re killing the vibe here, you’re killing the mood
And I’ll be killing you shortly so let’s try and be cool

Oh my god someone help me, please call the cops
I hear him coming for me, there’s nothing I can do

I’ll fucking kill you
Don’t fucking kill me