DIY Demos II

by Space Rabbit

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A little bit louder, a little bit faster, seething with a little bit more discontentment.
Enjoy. Share. Follow your own inspirations and make some noise.


released February 24, 2015

100% DIY (which hopefully explains the sub-standard sound quality)



all rights reserved


Space Rabbit Cary, North Carolina

Three guys with various musical influences that have come together to make music.

We grew tired of having creative boundaries limited by previous bands and so this is an outlet for everything we never had a chance to play before. And then some... ... more

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Track Name: Don't Choose the Brady Bunch Sucker Punch Train Eating Zombies
We weren't in love we were just fucking lonely
The punchline to a humorless joke
We fooled each other and we fooled ourselves
Into thinking it meant anything at all

I'll forfeit all the best in me so that you can live in peace
No more judging, no more everything, no more grief because of me
Everything you ever say and do is done on fear
A fear that you have forced in me of being something real
Take my voice take my equal rights then make it wrong for me to fight
Throw me down call me names give me scars to hide
I'll make you feel it's not alright to make me feel I'm not inside
You made me blind to my own sight
You made me question my whole life

I don't regret the past but I regret you
We weren't in love we were just fucking lonely
But at the time it was so hard to see
Destined to fail, it was doomed from the moment
I thought I could give you what you needed to be happy
Don't you dare try to blame this on me
I did my best but it wasn't enough
I gave you everything I had but it just wasn't enough

You were a blessing and you were a curse
You were my better half and you were my worse
Don't say that you love me when you couldn't care less
Those fucking lies got us into this mess
Track Name: The Void
Eternal, time is but a memory
With no beginning and no end in sight
Alone in this void with just my thoughts
Fading dreams and a false sense of reality

I felt the weight of the world come crashing down
It took everything away from me
All the pain, all the happiness and fear was just washed away
Only this hollow shell remains, a disillusioned memory

In a world where I'm surrounded, I have never felt more alone
In a place I've spent my whole life, I have never felt less at home

I feel weak
Track Name: Food Fighters
Time's ticking and we're not getting better
We're on a path to kill ourselves and each other
Our chance to take a stand is now so grab a bottle
Light the cloth, release, sit back, enjoy the cocktail

We are sick of this shit
We are sick

Paper signs and picket lines won't solve our problems
We're too far gone for these bullshit, polite exchanges
We need some fire, some bricks, and some blood spilled
Retribution for the chaos that they've caused us

Don't bask in the sins of your father
Don't settle for the life of a slave
Don't give up on what others have fallen for
Keep fighting

Our time is now, the reaper's calling
Blessed are the fallen when faith is for fools
Track Name: One Eighty
How is everyone so content with being blind?
Do you really feel so disconnected from reality
That these atrocities can so easily be cast aside?

Take, take, give nothing back til it's all gone
You've no one left to blame for your own sins
The folly that is mankind
It's a lesson in in exorbitance

We're so sick of this bullshit
We're so sick of this world
There's no cure, this is terminal

We are ignorant
We are negligent
We are killing this world
Death incarnate